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SuperHotTubs deliver UK wide and are the UK's no1 choice for hot tubs, spas and whirlpools. We specialise in offering market-leading hot tubs at amazing prices, in a range of colours, ergonomic styles and sizes to suit your space, needs and budget. We keep our prices low and manufacture and customise your Super Hot Tub to bring you the best prices, on the best hot tubs and spas in Europe, with the best customer care, for a beautiful addition to your home and garden. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive range. Add the ultimate status symbol to your garden!

Click here to see our frequently asked questions, or our How To Buy Guide. Or click here for Questions On Delivery. We are hot tub experts and the UK’s no1 chosen online supplier of high quality hot tubs and spas. Browse our list of Best hot tubs and spas, where you can buy online for a discount.

We take pride in our reputation and have nationwide coverage for delivery as well as for repairs and water problems or technical solutions. There’s no problem we cant fix! We’re London based for administration, with a Birmingham parts and service hub and a Felixstowe warehouse; in addition to a German delivery hub and warehouse between Berlin and Leipzig.

Our ethos is to offer the finest hot tubs and jacuzzi of the finest quality, fitted with the best quality equipment and to offer a superb warranty and care. We keep our hot tub prices low and manufacture and customise your SuperHottub to bring you the best prices, on the best hot tubs in Europe, with the best customer care, for a beautiful addition to your home and garden. Buy the best from the hot tub experts at Super Hot Tubs.

About SuperHotTubs™

About us

Super Hot Tubs is a industry leader and expert supplying quality products to our customers. Browse our photos and videos, which show you great detail in the molding, water & air jets, mood lighting as well as the fabulous designs. We have the best deals on the best portfolio of hot tubs UK wide, with options to suit every pocket. We have committed ourselves to continuous improvement in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. A friendly customer focused team, SuperHotTubs staff are dedicated to bringing you the very best in service and quality hot tubs and swim spas. We have responded to what the public wants and how they prefer to shop by structuring our business to become a dedicated supplier for phone and online buying with the aim of giving our customers the fairest possible genuine prices. We are only a phone call away and will be happy to chat with you at any time about your purchase or any questions you may have. We have delivery coverage over the entire UK, and also deliver to locations over Europe from our base in Germany.

From start to finish, we provide you with all the help, assistance and information to make your selection and purchase your hot tub, for an easy experience. We are passionate about customer care and strive to provide all our customers with the best service possible. Our range is large and we supply cheap hot tubs as well as some of the best hot tubs in the uk. Even after our customers have had their spa installed, we like to keep in touch to make sure all our customers are happy and satisfied. We also like to suggest that we contact you quarterly or every 6 months to see the status of your hot tub chemicals requirements and to send you further supplies when needed. Its also recommend you book an annual health check, to ensure your jacuzzi spa is in tip top condition. Please enquire at any time about this service. For more information see about us.

Why buy a SuperHotTub

A SuperHotTub is a wonderful addition to your home and garden. Some of our clients use theirs’ daily, for both the health and sleep benefits for when bodies need soothing and reviving, and also for for maximising family time together after a long day at work or school. At night our spas are simply stunning and will be the focal point of your garden or any outdoor party. Hand built to the highest specification by experienced industry craftsmen. With the very latest in stunning features, ergonomics and performance, you can be sure of enjoying the very best in hydrotherapy massage. So whether it's a midnight stargazing for 2, a soothing soak after a long day or a social dip with friends, you know you're in the best seat in the house.

For those who have aches and pains such as arthritis, rheumatism, overworked muscles, aching feet after a long day, stiff shoulders and neck muscles, high blood pressure due to stress, backache after too much gardening, tension headaches, the list is almost endless; then a soothing hot spa will help to make you feel relaxed, more mobile and lessen your stress by helping to alleviate symptoms. With a Super Hot Tub spa you can enjoy many special moments and health benefits day-in and day-out for years to come. When you buy a hot tub even the younger members of the family can have lots of fun with their friends; birthday parties have never been easier. Performance mixed with lights, sound and water features makes them a wonderful oasis for everyone to enjoy. Relax back, and soak in the therapeutic warm waters of our truly superb hot tubs.

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Quality & Warranty

All our hot tubs are made with market leading USA Aristech acrylic, and are made to the highest standards. Many of our tubs use entirely American components and the USA made, market leading Balboa control system. In addition all our Super Hot Tubs are covered by our market leading warranty, click for more details.


How to buy a hot tub? Ordering is simple, just shop our range of hot tubs and spa's, select the one you like and use our online payment system to place a £95 deposit on that hot tub. We will put your name on that hot tub to ensure that it cant be sold to anyone else. For more information see how to buy. Our payment option is simple; we don’t make money by getting commission fees from finance houses for finance deals that while advertised as 0%, carry large interest rates after the first or second year. We simply offer you great spas at great prices with no hidden additional costs. You are totally free to choose how to pay for your hottub, whether its cash, debit card or your own finance of choice.

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USA Acrylic & Parts

The majority of our UK hot tubs and spas are made using premium grade Aristech acrylic from the USA. The acrylic sheet retains its surface over many years, and is the market leader for hot tub surface quality. It forms an easy to clean, non-porous surface that retains heat and is chemical resistant. In addition all our hot tubs are manufactured to the highest standards by skilled technicians. Its true to say, Super Hot Tubs and Aristech Acrylics along with Balboa make some of the finest hot tubs in the world.

Delivery & Installation

We will deliver your spa direct to your doorstep, hassle free. A pair of our dedicated engineers will deliver to your address, load the tub into a specialised trolley or sled and wheel it into location providing that access is clear. If its necessary to go through a doorway or side passage please allow 50mm clearance on both sides. Please refer to the sizes on each hot tub’s information page. If you think access is restricted then you may need to arrange a crane. Give us a call to talk it through, and email some photo’s over to Once your spa has been located in place our engineers will remove the packaging and it will be ready for being wired in. After power is connected, just fill your spa from a household hosepipe, and then run through the basics of chemical use. Please note, you will need to have a power supply installed, this is not part of the package. For in-depth detail on delivery please click on delivery.

Privacy & Security

Super Hot Tubs will never share your data with anyone. Ever. We ask for your personal information when you make an online purchase, register or sign up for hot tubs UK promotions, or to receive news. Will not make public, rent or sell your personal information to any third party, and we are committed to protecting your privacy and security. For more information click on privacy policy. SuperHotTubs takes online security very seriously. We continually monitor our security procedures to ensure that all transactions are made as securely as possible, and we use a secure payment gateway to protect your payment details.

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What does owning a SuperHotTub really mean? 


  • An amazing massage

  • Relaxation and de-stress

  • A private sanctuary

  • Improved family time

  • Meaningful conversation

  • Wonderful health benefits

  • Aids better, deeper sleep

  • Time for friends

  • Reconnect with loved ones

  • Starry nights

  • Romance

  • Good old fashioned fun & partying!

And cheaper to enjoy than a night out

A 20-minute soak in your spa, at any time during the daytime or evening really helps to relax hectic daily routines.
For a complete hot tub UK information guide see, click on hot tub info

HydroTherapy Benefits Of A Super Hot Tub

The physical wellness benefits of a, hot tub UK, are provided in three ways:

1.      Heat increases circulation by dilating blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.

2.      Buoyancy relieves muscle pressure and joint stress by reducing your weight by 90% giving a relaxing sensation of weightlessness.

3.      Massage from powerful jets soothes away tension.

All of these elements work together to provide a totally relaxing hydrotherapy massage experience; a variety of health benefits such as temporary relief of tension in muscles and joints, aches and pains, decreased anxiety and stress with total full body relaxation that ultimately allows our owners to lead more active and fulfilled lives. For more heath information and on sports injuries and arthritis see our hot tub info hub.

Sleep Benefits

Spending 15-20 minutes in a hot tub before going to bed can lead to a deeper and more peaceful sleep. Research shows that about hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from sleep disorders, like insomnia, more than one night a week. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling exhausted, nervous, tired, groggy, listless, lack of concentration, bad tempered and depressed or cause erratic mood swings. Sleep researchers have found that insomnia can be traced to hectic, stressful lifestyles, and believe that relaxing in a jacuzzi hot tub regularly can help.

According to a study in scientific media, a drop in body temperature can also aid in easing the body into a relaxing and sound sleep. By taking a 15-20 minute soak in a hot tub about 90 minutes before bedtime, your body temperature is able to lower, enabling better natural sleep.

Arthritis Benefits

If you are one of the many millions of people affected by arthritis, soaking in your Super Hot Tub spa can help ease your pain. Swelling, pain and stiffness are mostly caused by joint inflammation from arthritis, often resulting in the loss of joint movement or function. Warm water soaking produces hydrostatic pressure on the body that results in reduced joint inflammation and increased mobility. Spas provide you with soothing warm water and the buoyancy needed to release body tension and improve your quality of life.

Even more relief can be gained by gentle exercise and practicing flexibility as you soak. The use of hot water or heat is recommended for many people with arthritis but not everyone. Always consult your physician for further advice.

Staying Safe

Hydro massage is contraindicated in the case of malignant tumours, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, thrombophlebitis, severe hypertension or ischemic heart disease, acute respiratory failure and severe chronic respiratory failure. Consult your doctor for further advice. A hot spa is not a good idea for those with thrombosis, high tension or have and form of heart problems. Also you should not use a hot tub or breathe in chemical's and chlorine if you have breathing problems or severe asthma. Check the Super Hot Tubs guides, we recommend to always keep the hot tub water clean and well looked after, to avoid bacterial infection.

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Super Hot Tubs works alongside groups such as British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) to promote our view of hot tub and spa safety and care, and several of our new models hot tubs are listed in buyers guides such as Whatspa and What Pool & Hot Tub, - you can also click to see our Super Hot Tubs, and discuss hot tubs on the whats the best hot tub forum

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