Control Panel Programs Some brand’s control panels offer very specific programming capabilities that allow the user to have a schedule for the circulation, filtration, and heating cycle of the spa. Some of the settings can even be locked with a pass code thus only allowing people with your pass code to change the settings. Changing to the settings to meet your specific needs can be very helpful because not everyone uses the hot tub the same amount. Full Foam Insulation and Special Insulation Wrap The foam insulation surrounds all the plumbing in and around the hot tub shell. This type of insulation helps maintain water temperature by trapping heat inside the water, which can reduce heating costs. Some brands also offer special insulation wraps that fully surround the foam or shell so even less heat can escape. This additional wrap is not necessary, but it can reduce costs by multiple dollars. LED Lighting LED lights are extremely low cost and most manufacturers offer them. These lights are a low cost, long lasting, and an easy way to reduce even a little bit of your electric bill and maximize energy efficiency in the hot tub. Energy Efficient Pumps & Circulation An energy efficient pump can make all the difference in low cost hot tub operation. If the hot tub has a separate pump for circulation and jets, this is an optimal combination for energy savings. Although it may be more expensive in the up front costs, this style of pump will save you more energy and money in the long run. Hot Tub Cover This is probably the most important factor in keeping your hot tub energy efficient. A good, well-maintained cover will help you keep energy costs low for many years. Heat rises, and without a cover on a hot tub heat would escape extremely quickly. This would cause the heater element to work twice as hard to keep the spa temperature up, and this makes for an expensive bill. A hot tub cover always makes a good investment! Efficient Heating Element A low watt density heating element made of energy conserving metal, like titanium, can help increase the thermal efficiency of the hot tub. This can save you energy and money! Energy efficiency maximization is definitely an important factor to evaluate in hot tubs. It saves you money on your electric bill in the long run and helps you increase the overall energy efficiency of your home. If you are a current hot tub owner, consider replacing your pumps to something more energy friendly and adding a super insulating cover. If you are a prospective hot tub buyer, consider all the factors we’ve explained in your purchase of a hot tub. The best hot tubs don’t come cheap, but they will last you a long time and keep your electric bill to a minimum.