Egypt The earliest known hot tubs were in Egypt in 2000 BC. These early hot tubs were known as calderas, where hot sizzling stones would be placed into a body of water to heat it. Greece The next record of hot baths being used is in Greece around 500 BC. Hippocrates (the father of medicine), Plato, and Homer all wrote about the therapeutic nature of hot water. From this we were able to tell that the Greeks appreciated and understood the “hot tub.” They liked these hot baths so much that they often held public gatherings around and in the baths. They were also inventive enough to build these around hot springs as a source of the hot water. Romans The Romans are well known for their use of baths. In fact, the town of Bath in England is centered around an ancient Roman bath. People would come from far and wide to use these baths and get cured by its hot healing waters. The hot water came from a natural spring in the ground and a large pool and several cleansing rooms would be built around it. They practiced a very extensive bathing process and were some of the first to understand the health benefits of cleansing back in 25 BC. Japan and Asia There are many hot springs in asia, especially in Japan. These hot springs have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties. Public hot springs, known as Onsen in Japan, have become a well known part of the Japanese culture. In order to be considered an Onsen, the bath must contain at least 19 specific elements and minerals. USA The modern hot tub began in the United States. They began in the early 1900s in parts of California when people used old huge oak wine barrels as hot tubs. In 1950, the Jacuzzi brothers invent the very first hot tub jet. This was a small singe jet that you can place in a hot body of water to have hydrotherapy. What began as a small business grew and Roy Jacuzzi created the first self contained whirlpool bath. It was this jetted bath that started the whole hot tub industry. From the 1970s forward, the hot tub industry was revolutionized quickly. Tubs got larger, jets got better, acrylic shells were made, and hot tub controls put in place. Now we have all types of gadgets and features on hot tubs that would have never been imagined just 80 years ago. Needless to say, the hot tub industry grew and found success in the US, and then made an impact on the rest of the world thereafter.   Hot water therapy has been around since the beginning of time. It doesn’t take all this modern technology and innovation for people to understand how good it feels to soak in a bath of hot water. From natural hot springs to hot tubs, the industry has certainly found its way into this world. Remember to show your hot tub some love, as it took hard work and thousands of years for it to get the way it is today.