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Our phone lines are open 7 days, 10.00am - 9.00pm so please contact us on 0203 189 1766 or go online anytime.

Subject to your chosen install package, a pair of our dedicated SuperHotTubs engineers will deliver to your address, load the hot tub onto a specialised trolley and wheel it into location providing access is clear. If going through a doorway or side passage please allow 50mm clearance on both sides. Your hot tub will need a clear line of access from the kerbside to the location you’ve chosen for your hot tub, please see details below. Please also see hot tub sizes on each tub’s information page for the required overhead clearance and add at least 6 inches to the spa height.

If you think access is restricted then you may need to arrange a crane. Give us a call to talk it through, or email some photo’s over to

Once your tub has been secured in place its packaging will be removed. You will need to arrange for your electrician to wire up your hot tub to the power supply. Once the power is connected simply fill the hot tub from a household hosepipe and go through our install manual sent to you with the Super Hot Tub.

You will need to have a power supply installed by an electrician, and this is not part of the package.

We can also deliver kerbside to Ireland, Channel Islands, and other UK islands at extra cost. in 2016 we have successfully delivered to Spain, Crete, Greece, Dubai & the C.I.S. The most popular overseas spa is the Cayman which ships easily, fits into most spaces, can be configured for 13 AMP domestic power sockets and adds value to any B&B, private rental or holiday home abroad. See the Cayman to learn more.

Before delivery

A firm and solid base for your hot tub is required. Ideally this can be concrete, but decking or a level patio can also accommodate your Spa. We can also supply a Spa Pad, and Gazebo's for your privacy.  You will need to arrange the install of the power supply, ideally prior to delivery, by a qualified electrician. This is not something we arrange.

A SuperHotTubs 13AMP plug and play hot tub can plug into a domestic power socket. Before installation your electrician can simply install a waterproof outdoor socket with RCD protection. Any hot tub that needs more than 13AMP needs to be wired directly into your electricity supply. Your electrician will need to fit a 32AMP - 40AMP (or more, check each hot tub page carefully for details) supply with RCD protection, using steel wired armoured cables. There should also be rotary isolator, which should be within a few metres of your hot tub. This should take no more than two or three hours for a qualified electrician.

 All SuperHotTubs can simply be filled via a hosepipe directly into the filter chamber, and do not require dedicated plumbing.

Your hot tub will need a clear line of access from the kerbside to the location you’ve chosen for your hot tub. It is your responsibility to make sure there is clear overhead access for the tub , please check tub heights and add 6 inches to the height. We cannot be held responsible if you request delivery and there is no clear access. We can’t arrange a crane for you but can recommend local firm. Crane hire will cost between £350-£400.

Delivery lead time

If your hot tub is in stock in our warehouse it can be delivered as early as 2 – 3 days if required, but usually within 1-2 weeks. Please contact us if you wish to discuss our current delivery availability. Your reserved hot tub will go directly from the warehouse to your delivery location. If your chosen hot tub is out of stock or is a custom order, you can expect it to be delivered within 8-12 weeks.

Delivery charges & options

Please call us for to find out which tubs have free delivery 0203 189 1766.


Overseas delivery

We regularly ship worldwide, to locations in Germany, the C.I.S, France, Dubai, please contact us for delivery charges. Please note that internaltional deliveries are subject to timescales of transport companies and it can take longer to ship a hot tub to a remote location than in the UK mainland. Please leave at least 12 weeks as a minimum. If you wish to buy hot tub chemicals or deliver a hot tub to more remote locations this is possible, please contact us on

After installation: Care of hot tub water

Don’t forget that you need to maintain the hot tub water once it is up and running in your garden. Its best hot tub water is regularly inspected. Popular water treatments for hot tub water safety include Chlorine, Bromine for more sensitive skin, and Oxidiser. Managing your hot tub water is important for your safety and wellbeing of your skin.

Typically, all our hot tubs use pleated filters to trap any grease or dirt. Most SuperHotTubs or hot spas have 1 or 2 pumps that support spa hydrotherapy massage, (the jets); plus a separate circulation pump system which motivates all the hot tub water through a filtration system.

The system includes skimmers, a number of pleated filters, and or filter bags to trap all manner of debris that may enter your SuperHotTub spa during use.

Many of our tubs have ozonators that release ozone into the water regularly. Ozone naturally kills bacteria, so this cuts down on the amount of sanitizer you need to add to the spa. Your Hot tub filters should be cleaned every couple of weeks and replaced every year. In our shop you can buy hot tub chemicals and extras, or see our spa selection at: cheap hot tubs

For other questions on hot tub care see our F.A.Q. or our Hot Tub School, and lectures by our hot tub professor!  Hot Tub Info Hub

After installation: Care of a Hot tub cover

Its best to make sure your hot tub’s covered when not in use. This retains heat, and it also stops airborne debris from entering your hot tub water. A good quality spa cover lasts for a couple of years before you should consider replacing it.

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