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What is Aquatic Therapy? Does it help sports injuries?

While fashion in health and fitness comes and goes, the concept of improving health with water goes back centuries. In the 5th century BC Hippocrates first suggested bathing in spring water to relieve illness. Water to treat various health issues is found in Egyptian, Roman,Japanese, Persian civilizations, although modern therapies have come a long way from bathing in natural hot springs to a more scientific approach.

The term “aquatic therapy” can refer to a wide range of activities, but it is essentially a therapy conducted in water with the purpose of recovering from injury or improving body conditioning. Water therapy uses water resistance and buoyancy to provide an environment that allows patients to rehabilitate by allowing them to increase mobility and strength without stress on joints, with less pain and without the fear of falling, and a Super Hot Tub can provide you with cheap and affordable home therepy option. Spa Hydrotherapy is a term which also refers to any other general water based therapy including spa and mineral water therapy.

Water has a well recorded reputation for healing and many people have turned to warm water as a healing element. It’s one of the main reasons that families and individuals often purchase spas and hot tubs for their personal use at home. Bodies feel more refreshed and relaxed after being in the water for even short periods of time. Many veterinarians have prescribed water rehab for horses, dogs and cats who have suffered joint conditions.

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Types of Water Therapy

There are as many forms of water therapy. Many physical therapy facilities often include exercise pools for physiotherapists to integrate water therapy into recovery programs. These programs may utilize underwater jet treadmills which give resistance therapy, resistance bands, floatation rings or simple exercises as prescribed by physiotherapists.

Benefits of Water Therapy

The primary benefit of water therapy is to be able to increase physical ability without impact. Professional athletes use a variety of aqua therapy methods for both recovery of injuries and strength conditioning. Underwater jet treadmills, as in our swim spas, allow competitive runners and sports people to increase their workout intensity without adding further joint strain while massage jets can help speed muscle recovery time. Water therapy is often recommended to patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, orthopedic pain and neuromuscular or neurological conditions in order to help reduce pain and gain strength.

Elderly people find water therapy in a swim spa to be an excellent treatment aid for arthritis, helping to improve strength and flexibility without the risk of falling.  As the obesity epidemic continues to escalate, water therapy is being used to help overweight patients lose weight without placing added strain on their knees. A study conducted in the US showed that subjects attempting weight loss using underwater treadmill jets increased lean muscle faster than using a treadmill on land.

Physiotherapists are similarly using the natural properties of water to help their patients speed up recovery by minimizing the loss of range of joint motion, increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation.

Sports and Water Therapy Exercises

Doctors, athletic trainers and coaches are increasingly turning to aquatic sports therapy to help athletes reach optimum performance. The intensity of training and competition takes a physical toll no matter how tough the athlete and water therapy exercises have proven to increase performance and speed up injury recovery.

Water bouyancy makes it ideal for athletes to train even when injured and underwater jet treadmills in swim spas allow athletes to run against variable resistance jets to improve cardiovascular and muscle strength without adding joint strain. Deep tissue massage jets also help to decrease lactic acid build up in stressed muscles which helps speed recovery time assisting and pain management.

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Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament Recovery Program in the Warm Water Therapy Pool

Clinical results have shown that athletes who participate in water rehabilitation and land based post rehabilitation  have better scores on postural sway, indicating better balance and fewer episodes of re-injury, see hot tub info for more details.


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