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Tahiti hot tub

Tahiti hot tub

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  1. i would recommend the tub. thanks, CB

    Review by Chris Brown (Posted on May 10, 2016)

    its a very good tub. thanks for delivery today. review done as promised. its the same spec as a £5000 tub ten minutes down the road, but i bought here so bargain and quality. i would recommend the tub. thanks, CB.

  2. It's a nice spa

    Review by Eden Willian's (Posted on April 08, 2016)

    Review as requested! So we found superhottubs by searching online, spoke to the sales team for a few days and chose our Tahiti tub. Measuring up access was a bit more tricky than I thought, but we got it done in the end. So the tub was delivered , with only a few scratches to a door panel, which while not ideal, we can live with. The tub in white with the metal jets looks very good , better than the pictures in my opinion. It runs great, we love it, and for the money what we got is superb. Word of advice, don't get a 13AMP as we did, then had it converted back to a normal amp as you can't run jets and heater at full power otherwise. We use it for 2 adults and 4 kids and 6 people can fit in, with one at the footwells of the lounger. They are more noisy than you think though when on full. I think it's a great buy. In summary reasons we got it were : it's EU and not Chinese. That mattered to me. I'm not fussed about control panels, but for the tub we prefer EU quality and warranty. Not sure what else to say, apart from the massage on our tub is really good. Thnx team.

  3. All in all, very good

    Review by Mike ward (Posted on March 20, 2016)

    All in all,very good. I can't find anything to fault them and it appears to be a very good hot tub. That said, I've only had it for 24 hours, so not enough time to digest having it installed and what it feels like. It's my first tub so unsure what to expect, but it looks great, works well. Pleased.

  4. Brunch in the tub

    Review by Mira & Eddie G (Posted on December 12, 2014)

    I live for brunch ok, and i also work from home. My routine is getting up, doing a few hours of work and then ooo booy, I BRUNCH HARD. Brunch in the tub! My bestie introduced me to the company and I'm glad they did.
    1 WIFI reaches the hot tub
    2 I have a waterproof IPAD cover.
    3 Brunch, hot tub, Ipad.
    4 Working day heaven.

    There is only one downside, there was a tiny little crack in the DVD player cover when it arrived and the new front plate is on order as of yesterday, but has not arrived yet. When it does, 5 stars all the way! otherwise, 4 stars, but just due to that!

  5. Super duper

    Review by Khyati R (Posted on November 19, 2014)

    they know how to take care of their customers n keep them happy. Regards the tub, when plugged in ambiance is super chill, great LED lighting. The tub looks awesome in pearlescent silver + the jets really work. Overall had a great experience and would definitely recommend. Its a good hot tub, in fact... Good was better than good.. it was great! p.s. this tub may just fit though the front door, but if its tight, like us, you'll have to hire a crane like we did.

  6. Paaaarrty!

    Review by Monsta! (Posted on October 23, 2014)

    love the tuuub mann!!. Had a friend recommend the company. Afta doin a goog search, we checked out all the other tubs, chose this and no regrets!

  7. Great great hot tub

    Review by Marty (Posted on October 22, 2014)

    Cant thank you enough. The tub is a godsend in the cold where we live. Its outside under the stars and has to be one of the most fun things the family has purchased in years. Everyone should have one, and make sure you put it outside! Ive got Tahiti tub, and it works wonderfully, looks great and while it fits in our tiny little garden, amazingly you can fit SEVEN PEOPLE in this tub. For that price, and that look, for a seven person deluxe tub, i'm over the moon! Thanks Super Hot Tubs!

  8. Not bad

    Review by Peter Argent (Posted on August 05, 2014)

    its not bad, better than a hot springs to be fair but took a bit of effort to get into place. that said, best investment we made in the home to date. We had to chase a few times to get them on the phone and get the order in, but other than that, team are friendly, many thanks

  9. Superb hot tub style

    Review by Mike B (Posted on June 02, 2014)

    its easily the best hot tub ive owned and ive had three so far!

  10. Super duper

    Review by Andy Green (Posted on March 26, 2014)

    The hot tub realistically only fits 5 people, as the 6 WILL have to share the same legspace. Ie its for 5 adults, one child then maybe someone perched on the small seat about the filter block. We actually purchased our tub in black but didnt like the look of it and got it changed to pearlescent silver. The pearlescent looks stunning but it does get dirty easier, so be warned it will take more cleaning. I like this tub a lot, and have few complaints. Perhaps the cover could be a bit thicker (although we didnt buy a heavy winter cover). I would recommend.

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