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HydroTherapy(™) Sanctuary

HydroTherapy(™) Sanctuary

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  1. Superb, but

    Review by clarisse chii (Posted on July 17, 2016)

    Ok ok Although I did get an scary sight of builders bottom while they were heaving the tub into place, this hot tub is like soo amazing. I live near London and saw a jacuzzi just before, and I feel like ive got twice the hot tub for the money. The red nozzle thing on this tub is the best, it's like a massage person of your own. In your home! Why they don't make a big deal about it I don't know, I think it's called rolling massage. Only complaints are that a broken led took a few weeks to get fixed. but the delivery guys are awesome. Thanks Chris!!! X

  2. Great Tnx

    Review by Chris Brown (Posted on April 08, 2016)

    Great tub Thnx

  3. Excellent

    Review by Sergi vladimirovich (Posted on March 20, 2016)

    Great value and great tub. What more can I say! Good job getting it through the house and into the dacha!

  4. A very good hot tub

    Review by Priscilla T. (Posted on January 06, 2015)

    We rotate between our friends hot tubs each weekend and now I have one of my own. The Hot Tub Gang has been dying to try the Sanctuary for a long time now, and we were finally able to mellow out in one this past weekend. I purchased one in silver for our home just outside of london. It looks great in silver, and imho is the best of the four hot tubs in our social circle. GOOD: The number of jets is plain silly, more than you can imagine and it gives a great massage. The jets have lights in! how amazing is that! BAD: it will add about £50-80 a month to your bills. CONCLUSION: the best hot tub in our social circle, and great to invite friends.

  5. Pleased with the tub. Thnx

    Review by Jennifer R. (Posted on November 07, 2014)

    Pleased with the tub. Thnx

  6. Better than best, and conquering aches!

    Review by Hikaru O (Posted on October 13, 2014)

    I've had this website bookmarked forever and been wanting to buy a hot tub, and finally made a purchase last weekend. Let me tell you, "good" definitely doesn't do it justice. In short, it's everything the ultimate hot tub experience should be. Coupled with the exquisite style, I love it! The massage is DIVINE.
    If your going to buy one, buy this ! I'm a fan.

  7. Hydrotherapy heaven

    Review by Flora H (Posted on September 10, 2014)

    The sanctuary tub is stylish, comfortable, accommodating and the way the LED's light the water is near transcendent. The team are really personable and fun, too. We added some extras, something of an I got the "get it all" option. Would recommend.

    Cant wait to go back in!

  8. Massage tool

    Review by Carol Carter (Posted on May 30, 2014)

    We use the tub a massage tool and hydrotherapy unit in our health spa. Its quite simply, the centerpiece of the floor and sets the tone for the entire service. Beware, the tub is larger than it looks and getting it into a space by anything other than a crane may be tricky, it was for us. In silver it looks fabulous. Were very pleased.

  9. A considered purchase

    Review by Paul Gastrel (Posted on February 17, 2014)

    We, like everyone I suppose shopped about on google, and as many sites as we could to check out reviews and facts. In the end we chose the Sanctuary tub, as it to us, looks the best, has the most jets, and has the best warranty. It was delivered a few weeks after we put the order in, and after unpacking we found out the tub was in the wrong colour! That was totally our fault, as we put an order in for white, but had pressed the option for silver/pearl at the time. That said, were delighted with silver and so it was a fortunate mistake.
    The tub is: large, impressive, and looks better than any of the others we looked at, but was about 1/4 cheaper.
    the hydrotherapy: is amazing, it does the job and more.
    A great buy

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