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£199 per Month, Monaco Spa

£199 per Month, Monaco Spa

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  1. Hydrotherapy unit

    Review by Mr Peter Wainsworth MD (Posted on April 07, 2016)

    We purchased initially approached SuperHotTubs in January this year for the unit, as a hydrotherapy source for private clients. We did then decide it was a little too large for the area intended, and subsequently removed the tub to our own homes garden decking area. The tub is absolutely superb, its truly, at least as far as the untrained eye can tell, the equivalent in build quality to the Jacuzzi unit we investigated but 1/3 cheaper. The only reason i haven't given 5 stars as the review is the miscommunication regards the tub size and delivery , which is more down to emails with the team than the tub, which i absolutely recommend very highly to anyone.

  2. Great

    Review by Charles (Posted on March 20, 2016)

    Tub is wonderful. Chased 4 times for a review, but that said its great.

  3. Chased for a review

    Review by Leslie Ashworth (Posted on January 09, 2015)

    Ive been chased about three times for a review but apart from that the tub is super. Thanx

  4. Quality

    Review by Mr Hugo Smith (Posted on November 14, 2014)

    Everything was amazing. Could've had more options for adding different TV's or flatscreens but thats ok. If there was i would give it 5 stars. Good customer service and follow up, they seemed to truly care about after service and delivering a good product. I highly recommend. Our Monaco is a silver one, and we used decking from the same company to create the under-surface. The size of a delivery crane is a sight to see!

  5. Great, super

    Review by Dan G. (Posted on October 08, 2014)

    Super hot tubs customer service was pleasant and attentive. Overall a great, not just good, hot tub. Certainly a great design and I must resoundingly suggest the Monaco tub as the best of tubs.
    I hate to come up short on a review, because I really cant think of any problems, or anything wrong with the tub and so all I can say is that its fantastic. The jets are wonderfully balanced, and in silver with the LED lights on its like a space ship.

    I'm definitely a fan

  6. Mising LED but otherwise wonderful

    Review by Ashwin M. (Posted on July 24, 2014)

    highly recommend!! Tub works well and looks excellent. The only niggle: the tub had a missing light on the day of delivery, but the SuperHotTubs engineer was back round the very next day and fixed it. That's the only reason for 4 stars not 5, but great going otherwise.

  7. I like it

    Review by Nick Skeat (Posted on May 15, 2014)

    I like it. The team chased me for a few weeks to leave a review, which was a bit annoying but fair due, the Monaco hot tub is the best ive owned. To date we've had one jaccuzi and one hot springs and one super hot tub. The latter is better, cheaper and does a better massage, ie Its proper hydrotherapy .
    the soundsystem is not as good as i would expect but still does the job. the tub more than makes up for it in size, style, price and sheer quality of the finish. Love my Super tub guys! thx!

  8. Good hot tub but a bit large

    Review by Martin (Posted on January 08, 2014)

    the Monaco is a little larger than we were expecting, but on the whole we cant find a reason to complain. its a pretty looking thing in the garden! should have got one last year

8 Item(s)

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